About Me

I seem to be becoming a career expat. By that I mean that I initially decide to move overseas (and interstate) because of job prospects. Of course the country, state and city all bear consideration before I take the plunge – but more often than not I move for work reasons.

My “home” is Sydney, Australia where I lived for about 24 years. Over my relatively short life I’ve also lived in Malta, Perth (Australia), London, and now San Francisco. All of those moves (bar one) were solo jaunts, where I got to experience the excitement, then gripping “what-have-I-done” fear all on my lonesome.

It’s the kind of challenge I like, to be honest. Moving to a new place is a little bit like solving a rubix cube. It’s tricky, you’ll make a few mistakes along the way, but eventually you’ll get there. Or throw it on the floor in disgust and wonder why you ever bothered in the first place.

You might wonder why I’d move so many times. Why not just settle in one place and put down roots?

  • Europe: It made me realise how beautiful the world can see
  • Nosiness: Of course I need to see it all
  • Why not: Might as well fit it all in while I’m young and can still enjoy it

It’s fair to say that amongst all the posts about culture shock and expat tips, Bright Lights of America will also feature

  • Running: I am one of those people who runs, loves it and will tell you about it in detail. Please accept my profuse apologies in advance. I will pretend they are sincere.
  • Live music: There’s been a lot less of this since I moved to the land of astronomical rents, but I’m sure I’ll be all over it again shortly. Do you love Indie Rock? So do I.
  • Travel: Join me on trips to New York, Seattle, Canada and wherever else I feel like.

Warning: I’m quite partial to a comma and a bracket. I use them to give voice to the thoughts in my head. I will also be spelling in Australian English, or British English. Because it’s the best kind of English. If you can’t handle that I completely understand, but I feel most at home this way.