Sometimes guest bloggers, with more expertise than I have, will write for Bright Lights of America, and in return I’ll pitch in with an article for them.

So in case you’ve missed them, here are articles I’ve had published on other blogs. If you’re a blogger and are interested in a collaboration, please email me.

How, why and what should I tip in LA?

Tipping is a necessary evil in the US – where service industry employees are woefully underpaid. But anyone who doesn’t come from a culture of “tipping” is probably going to be confused about much to tip who. I explained the why’s and where’s in this blog for Gwen over at It Started in LA.

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Insider tips for Australians in America

If you’re thinking of moving to a new country for the very first time you’ll be making lists and getting organised, but there are just some things that you can’t prepare yourself for without having some experience of the place. Craig, over at The Australian Expat Investor, asked me to give his readers the lowdown on setting into the US.

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