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Home decorating: The cheap way.
I have a confession to make: I am a Nanna. 
No husband, no boyfriend, no kids and definitely no grandkids and yet I’m developing an appreciation for cups and saucers with fancy flower patterns, embroidery and DIY projects.

I want to take up crochet, make my own preserves and jam and become a general baking superstar. That’s it, this is the beginning of the end.

It started as Project Home Decorate. I had a one-bedroom apartment with a lot of blank wall space and the enthusiasm of a uni student who’d just moved out of home and realized they don’t have to follow anyone’s rules. Except the landlord’s. Who, in this case, is surprisingly lenient.

Give an indecisive person a blank canvas and watch them become paralyzed with possibility. My brain was so packed full of ideas that I couldn’t settle on one. Vinyl wall decals, canvas prints, posters, framed pictures, knick knacks – the list of things I could buy and create was endless and confusing to someone who has trouble making sure their outfit doesn’t hideously clash every day.

So I took a lot of inspiration (and a bunch of shopping tips) from the delightful Danielle over at Style for a Happy Home (you should check out her blog, there are heaps of ideas for organising and decorating) and decided to kick things off with a tiny project – making my very own running medal display. A bit of sanding, a few dabs of paint and half an hour at Home Depot later, and voila… success.

Think it’s difficult? Trust me, it’s not.
Incidentally, do you know what Blutac is called in America? Neither did I. It’s putty, for everyone playing at home.

Next I needed a way to display my collection of photos without spending a fortune on frames that end up just not looking quite right. The solution: A piece of ribbon, some 3M hooks and some pegs. Easiest and most hipster thing I’ve ever done.

Not the best photo in the world, but you get the idea.

What I’m about to say will sound ridiculous, considering I’ve surrounded myself with black and gold, but I love colour. Seeing blank, white walls was boring but every wall decal I liked was ridiculously overpriced or just naff. So I created my own feature wall pattern and it turned out better than I’d expected and at a quarter of the price.

So much measuring!

The part of this apartment that made me realise I had to rent it was the kitchen. It doesn’t look like much but those yellow tiles made all the difference. Yellow was my mum’s favourite colour for a good reason – it makes everything look happy and bright. And who wouldn’t want a nautically-themed Modcloth kitchen mat?

You can’t tel me you don’t love it
No hipster’s castle is complete without some kind of blackboard. It’s a blast from our school day past. Why wouldn’t you want the accidental opportunity to scrape your nails down it every time you try to update the shopping list?
Four chairs for all those dinner parties I’ll be having
And then we saved the best till last. My favourite place to veg out with a cuppa and a book on Sunday arvos – the couch. An Ikea splurge. The one thing I allowed myself to spend a bit of money on and it’s worth every single cent.
Yeah, I know. I could live on this thing

Thanks for joining my little housewarming shindig. I’ve got a lovely artist friend painting me a picture and I know exactly where it’s going… stay tuned for that update.