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San Francisco!
There are a few emotions that you go through when that tinny voice cones over the airport PA and announces, in a reticent stutter, that your flight has been cancelled due to bad weather.
For me, tiredness and the intense need for a shower trumped all those emotions. I’d finished the Seattle Half Marathon nine hours earlier and had been hobbling ever since. This news did not mesh well with my night’s plans – get home to my apartment and shower for at least 50 minutes. Maybe an hour and a half.
So instead of spending the extra quality time I’ve been granted with Sea-Tac Airport shooting dirties at anything that threatens to move, I’m blogging. You’re welcome.
Here’s a list of questions you ask yourself in these situations, that no one would dare answer:
1. Why do the four kids, who all seem to be from the same family, all have their own basketballs?
2. No, but seriously. Who takes a basketball on a plane as hand luggage?
3. Couldn’t that be classed as a weapon
4. They will be if they don’t all stop dribbling them at once, five measley metres from my face.OK that wasn’t a question. Just a very forceful statement.
5. Why do the airpirt golf carts that are used to drive the elderly or the perennially late to their gates, always make the most ear splitting, high-pitched noise?
6. When you get sent a text from the airline saying you’re rebooked on the next flight out, why don’t they make it clear that you’re actually just on standby for that already overbooked flight?
7. Can anyone tell me the odds of getting a seat on that flight?
8. Why do airlines overbook flights anyway? (I could probably Google that one for a reasonable answer.)
9. Should I really be hobbling so much just to get to the customer service desk?
10. Will the state of my poor muscles do anything to make the attendant feel sorry for me?
11. Why won’t those kids STOP IT WITH THE BASKETBALLS?
12. Why is there a bunch of people standing unsettlingly close to me, staring out the window? (I have an answer to that one: the football’s on the TV above me.