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Do you have a real Christmas tree? Then you need goats. If you don’t already have goats you’re missing an opportunity that San Franciscans have embraced. And that’s why they’re better than you. I think that’s how that goes.

Now that Christmas is just a hazy stomach-clutching, wine-swilling memory we’re fast approaching the day when the mistletoe needs to stop being used as a cheap excuse for a cheeky pash and the tree has to be turfed (Translation: Thrown out, disposed of, chucked out).

If my stint in London is anything to go by, a lot of people just let it dry out completely and leave it outside for the friendly garbos to deal with. (Garbos  is Australian for trash collectors or bin men. You’re welcome).  But it seems if you have a goat, you’re sorted.

For the second year running an organization called CityGrazing is accepting fir, spruce, cedar and pine trees as fodder for their herd of goats. The only stipulation is that you’ve got to strip them of ornaments first. Apparently the billy’s, kids and nanny’s all love a Christmas feast and the trees might stop them from getting intestinal worms.

If only I wasn’t too lazy/cheap to go out and buy a tree, then I could pay a visit to the goats as well. 
Here’s my DIY version of spreading Christmas cheer, made of an Amazon box, a box cutter I got for my birthday, some textas/markers, stamps and a roll of washi. It’ll go in the recycling bin.

Merry Christmas!

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