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Warning: If you don’t like the idea of, description or even the words needle, injection or shot, look away now. Also, you may not enjoy the picture below. Whoops, too late, you looked didn’t you? Sorry mate.

That’s not a syringe… THIS is a syringe!
As you may already know, thanks to this post, I recently had to decide between letting a surgeon carve into my hip (in much the same way as a butcher would a leg of lamb, in my mind anyway) or get a shot of steroids and be on my merry way. If you have no idea what I’m on about go back here, especially if you’re a runner, we’ll all sit patiently and await your return. 
So after much hemming and hawing, driving my boyfriend, relatives and friends insane – and changing my mind approximately 17 times – I finally made a decision. It was to be a needle full of cortisone! Sure this was the much more scary option to me (at least I’d be knocked out during surgery), considering my extreme distaste for injections.

It’s a ridiculous fear to have, especially since I’m the proud owner of exactly one tattoo. Admittedly it’s in a spot that isn’t known as one of the more painful AND it’s got a distinct watercolour feel to it so people with real tatts are totally disgusted with me right now. But, you see, I came out of that with a fairly awesome design that I can show off or keep secret from whomever I choose. This was just a great big ugly needle.

So yesterday I visited the new Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City and sported the latest in medical gowns, which the nurse told me was called “the burrito”, with a knowing nod. That nurse, whose name I cannot for the life of me remember, was kick arse. He explained the entire process slowly, told me about the risks and made jokes to boot. All of my thumbs up to him, especially after my first run in with a different American nurse was less than acceptable.

I won’t go into the whole process for you, suffice to say that I was lying on a table for 40 minutes being marked with textas (sharpies), prodded and given various shots before the big one, which was less than fun.

The best part is the one side effect I seem to have. I was fine after the injection, apart from twinginess and some aching that night, and pain-free all day. Until I stepped into my 4pm meeting.

Ten minutes in I could feel my face getting a bit warm. Five minutes later I resembled a beetroot. How do you speak during a meeting without drawing attention to your face? I don’t know! But it’s been two hours now and I’m still being asked what’s wrong with me. Bahahaha. So many things.