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Pixels make me look like a late-80s video game villian.

So last week I was talking about taking the plunge and getting all off this hacked off. With scissors alright. I wasn’t going to pay a viking to swing an axe at my head.

I was all excited, it was going to be the first time I’d cut my hair short (well short to me). I was being brave and stuff, and going on experience from that time I dyed my hair when I first moved here, I was preparing myself for everyone (including my neighbour’s cat) giving me their unsolicited opinions.

A kid who lost her two front teeth.
It didn’t work out like that. No one noticed. Well, that’s a lie. The people who I’d consulted about hairstyles (since I can’t make a decision on my own) noticed. One of the dudes in the office noticed, but that’s it.

You might say that they were being polite by not saying anything at all because they didn’t like it. I’m not that easily fooled. I know why there was nothing said and it’s One Direction-sized. Two words: Harry Styles. Of course he swooped in and got a new do on the same day that I did. Good one Stylesy! Stole my thunder buddy!

As a result I refuse to buy anything One Direction or Styles related for the rest of my days on this planet!*
The end.
*Please note: I’ve never actually heard One Direction or purchased anything Direction related.