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Mr M’s kitty, Mrs Fluff Bottom
You know that feeling when you finally sink into the couch after a long day and kind of give up? The “I’m-not-moving-for-anything-or-anyone-let-the-bombs-go-off-around-me” feeling.
That’s been my general state of being lately, especially in terms of exercise. Every night I set my alarm for 5am, sure that tomorrow will be the day that I finally get up for a walk. Every evening I think “I’ll do some yoga tonight”. I’ve let my gym membership lapse. And I feel like crap.
It’s so frustrating. One side of my head says “You can’t run anymore and nothing makes you feel as good as running did so why bother?” while the other side says “Quit bitching and go do something lazyarse”.
I used to walk past pretty places!
Let’s be honest – I could be swimming. Except I let my gym membership lapse. I could have been swimming this whole year, but I haven’t. I like it for the hour that I’m in the pool and despise it for the other 23 hours of the day. I have to be in swimmers in public, it’s early, I have to shower and change in public, and wash my hair every flipping day.
The most important thing that I learned when I joined Operation Move was that running (and by extension, exercise) is the best thing for my brain. Finishing a run makes me feel accomplished, it gives me time to think things through in a positive way, and it contributes to me feeling happier overall.
So obviously at the moment I’m in the opposite of that space. Which is hilarious because I spend a lot of time trying to motivate others to keep moving towards their goals while I’m just stagnating out of sheer laziness.
Well, that’s my whinge for the day. I’ll just be on the couch watching Sherlock ( 😉 thanks Dannielle).