This is going to be a short one, but it will detail just another time where I crammed my gigantic foot inside my equally-large mouth. I guess you could put it down to a case of words bypassing the brain and going straight for the gob…or fingers in this case.

I returned from my usual lunchtime walk with Mr M today in a good mood. The walk is usually about an hour’s consultation with the guy who knows everything about everything and the best way to go about getting information from people (aka how to do my job). It’s also a good debrief and de-stress. I may also tease him mercilessly at times because I’m a terrible person but it comes from a place of good-intentions.

Anyway, as we walk through the foyer we come across our vice president (VP), who is a genuinely lovely guy. I say hello and he nods back at me before addressing Mr M by name. We walk away and I take the opportunity to rib Mr M about how he’s obviously so very important that he gets referred to by name, whereas I’m just the young grasshopper who is only nod-worthy at this stage.

I unlock my computer to find an IM from said VP, apologising for having a senior moment and fogeting my name (see, I told you he was lovely). So I jokingly respond:

“I do it all the time. My brain is a sieve. Although, if you do it again, I’ll probably have to dock your pay ;)”

Note the winky face. I’m obviously being irreverent and cheeky. It was a joke. Anyway, I relay the exchange to a few others. The first person was not amused. In the slightest. So I consult a couple of others.  Horrified is probably a good term for the consensus reached. Aghast is another.

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So it turns out, you probably shouldn’t joke with your VP about docking his pay. No matter how lovely he is.

There you go, we all learned something new today.

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