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It’s funny because it’s not a thing, right? Right? WRONG! (or maybe right)
Today a thoughtful colleague passed on a recently posted job ad that totally blew my mind. Mapbox, a US map design company, need an office dog. And they’re willing to pay for the privilege.

In what world is “Office Dog” a job title and or description? I’ll tell you where, in San Francisco or Washington DC, where the company has its offices! Now I realise that the mock advertisement I made above is not of either of those places, but who could pass up a picture like that?
These guys are so worried about burning out their canines that they’re looking for three pooches to fill the position.

I particularly enjoy that they are disclosing the possibility of others sniffing around the office dog. Full disclosure is always necessary:

“We’re looking for an office dog who loves to cuddle and accept back rubs to join the Mapbox team. You’ll be joining a seasoned team of Mapbox dogs that are excited to smell you. You’ll help us start every day by happily jogging towards us as we enter the office. 
You should have some experience in laying in the sun. We’ll help you get accustomed to the office by providing you with treats and walks around the neighborhood.”

And then, in true San Francisco fashion, comes the hipster kicker. It turns out they’re actually looking for sales, business, engineering and support staff – who will bring their dogs to work with them.

“Please have your human apply for a position at Mapbox. We have a variety of positions from sales and business to engineering and support. We’d love to hear how your human can help us build the future of mapping.

(And once your human joins the team, we’ll automatically accept your application!)”

Oh well. It was an exciting dream while it lasted.

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