There’s been a fair few requests for a compilation of communities for Australian Expats across the USA, after I posted a list for San Francisco.

So I’ve put on my best “researcher” hat and found as many as I could. As always, this isn’t the “be all and end all” of lists. There are bound to be heaps that my Google skills don’t catch. So alert me in the comments and I’ll add them!

Let’s start off with the Facebook Group for this blog, where you can meet expats living all over the USA and talk about your experiences or ask important questions or advice.


I was specifically asked for Tampa by John from the Aussie Expats facebook group, but it seems that’s a bit of a big ask. So I’ll start with Florida and try to zero in on some.

1. Aussie-Kiwi Club of South Florida

First cab off the rank includes a melding of Aussies and Kiwi’s – because what’s the point of living if there’s not a Kiwi around to good-naturedly mock every now and then? This club has heritage, it’s been around since 1994, which is impressive in itself, and it seems pretty well organised.

The group is in the Broward County area and has it’s own website and facebook page. Though they also meet up to celebrate Aussie and Kiwi public holidays or just for a bevvy every now and then.

2. Australians in Tampa Bay

Oh Internations. You have a group for every city! InterNations features separate forums for different countries, so you’re always going to find people in your city, although they’re not all going to be Aussies, I’ve linked to the page listing your fellow ‘Strayan’s.


3. Tampa Bay ARFC

You’re missing footy aren’t you? Don’t lie, you can try to cover it up as much as you want, but we see through you! With both men’s and women’s teams you’re not going to miss out on having a kick down the club. What’s even better is that all St. Petersburg Swans (aka Tampa Bay ARFC) training, practices and intra-squad scrimmages are free, open to all ages and are co-ed. Get amongst it!

This private facebook group boasts 343 members, and you’ll have to put in a request to be able to join the fun.

It’s full of Aussie and Kiwi expats living in the state now, or who have lived there some time in the past. It’s a social group where you can whinge about whatever you want, find out where to get the best coffee and get advice from someone who’s been there longer!


This one’s for you Sarah, or at least anything I find in Orange County is. There seems to be a lot of Aussies out there (and at least TWO Aussie pie shops!) so fingers crossed that there’s also a lot of groups for you to join! And Marie asked for some groups in West LA. I’m feeling slightly less confident, which is strange since there’s a million articles screaming about Aussies “taking over” West LA.

1. Australians in Los Angeles

This seems like the place to be if you’re an Aussie living in the City of Angels. It’s got a lot of recent posts and invitations to parties, posts selling things and people asking for advice: the cornerstones of any good expat community!

It all takes place in a public facebook group with around 845 members.

Source: Google Maps
These guys meet up in a public facebook group, where the description is short and sweet: “Where Australians can connect through events in SoCal”. I admire your laconic nature people.
The good news: It’s got about 141 members. The bad news: It looks like the last post was about three years ago. But don’t fret – if enough of you join up you can get it going again!

3. Australian Artists in Los Angeles

It’s no secret that LA is the capital of all things film and art in the US. OK, maybe one of those capitals, if you factor New York City into the mix. So it makes sense that there’d be a closed facebook group specifically catering to Aussie artists in LA.
Quoting straight from the group’s description: This group is designed to bring together, and assist, Australians who are working professionally in a creative arts field in Los Angeles, or thinking of making the move. To become an approved member, you should have some professional experience in Media, Arts & Entertainment and actively working, or seeking work in Los Angeles.”


4. Aussies in LA

I’m getting a bit sick of searching “Aussie’s In…”. Mostly because a fair whack of the search results end up being dog breeders and communities of dog owners. This is NOT one of those. So you can breathe easy!

It is, however, a private facebook group (nominated by Karlenea) that has almost 8,100 members:

“The aim of the group is not only to find accommodation or sell things to other members but also to meet others in a similar situation — living in a new country can be daunting and challenging! We filter through group requests, respond to any dodgy posts and try to help others out where we can.”

5. It Started In LA

This doesn’t strictly fit the bill. I’m sorry. But this is my very favourite blog about life in LA written by a Sydney girl. If you’re looking for advice on all things LaLaLand, this is a fantastic place to start!


Have I mentioned that Seattle is in my top two US destinations? Well it bloody is! I had such a great time there so I can understand why there’d be an influx of Australians up there. Time to find you some people Nichole!

1. Aussies in Seattle

Are you starting to see a theme here? Search “Aussies in (insert city here)” and you’re going to find at least one facebook group. Seattle is no different. Two hundred and two of them hang out here. It’s a closed group so I can’t actually get amongst it and tell you what the vibe is like, but I’m betting there’s a touch of the 90s in there.



2. InterNations

It looks like I’m going to have to fall back on these guys for Seattle. Every frantic google search came up empty for me in Seattle. So I’ve linked to the InterNations page that features a list of all the Aussies who live in Seattle. Joining the InterNations forums will put you in touch with them as well as alert you to expat events coming up in the city.


I’m so sorry Eva. I tried. But my facebook search for Kenosha came up with the following message, and my google search didn’t fare much better.

And then there’s Milkwaukee… you’re not going to be happy with this one either.

1. Aussies in Milwaukee

Here we have a public facebook group for Australians who are kicking around in Milwaukee. That’s how I know that it hasn’t been posted in since 2013. It’s not all bad news. Maybe try posting in there and reviving it from its sleep? There are 125 others still connected to the group, so you could be lucky!


1. Aussies in Colorado

These guys had my heart as soon as their home page loaded. Run by “Aussie Bob”, I get the feeling that rocking up to one of their meet ups would be much like dropping into your uncle’s barbecue. Aussie Bob has been in Colorado for almost 15 years, so by now he knows the ins and outs of life there.

The group’s between webmasters at the moment, so don’t be deterred, just sign up for the mailing list, which Bob says has more than 120 Aussie recipients at the moment. Then wander over and join them for one of their get-togethers:

Australia Day: The Sunday closest to January 26.
ANZAC Day: Morning service on April 25, followed by breakfast (rug up for the cold though)
Christmas in July: Sunday closest to July 25 (I wish we had one of these in San Francisco!)
Christmas for Orphans: Christmas dinner for Aussies/Commonwealthers who have no family in Fort Collins.

Bob also tells me there’s a mouth watering Pie Shop in Fort Collins. Go there, tell me all about it, make me jealous!


1. IndyAussies

If you’re in Indianapolis and having trouble finding vegemite, get in touch with IndyAussies. It lives on facebook AND in the real world and is basically a support and social group for Aussie and New Zealander expats.

You’ll be happy to know that the facebook page seems to be pretty active, so it’s not one of those groups that launches with a lot of steam and then fizzles out.


Poor Paula hasn’t come across one other Australian in all her time in Rapid City. While finding a support group in Rapid City might be a big ask, surely we can rustle up some fellow Aussies in the state!

1. Australians in South Dakota USA

It might be a tiny group but it’s better than nothing.This private facebook group has just six members, but I’m not a member so I can’t really tell you how active they are. I can tell you that they also have a twitter account: @AussiesInSD, with a very interesting post about Four’N Twenty pies right now, that you’ll definitely want to check out.


Fun fact about me: I am woeful at geography. Even though I love travelling, I couldn’t tell you where half the cities in the world are. Because I have an awful memory and no sense of direction. So you’ll have to forgive me when I stupidly point out that I didn’t know that Virginia and West Virginia are two different states. I’m shaking my own head at myself.

1. Australians in Virginia USA

Another private facebook group! This time with 285 members. I have a question though. What’s with all of these group descriptions mentioning “keeping the accent pure?”. I’m all for keeping my Strine, but the whole keeping a “pure” accent deal, makes me a little uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just me though.

“G’day folks! (Before joining pls read info below)

Welcome to VA
‘s group for Aussie (&Kiwi) expats living locally (now or previously). This is the community to help connect you to some LOCAL “down-under sanity” & insight. Expats’ spouses/partners & kids are welcome.

Let’s keep in touch to help keep the accent pure, remember the meat pie, always have the Vegie on hand. Gatherings, shindigs & social what-not is encouraged – whatever gets us together to raise our glasses (containing REAL Aussie bevys) to the Southern Cross, or have a chat over a cuppa, even some arvo tea perhaps?”

2. Hampton Roads Aussies

Anne alerted me to the Hampton Roads Aussies (and the group above, if we’re being pedantic), and to be honest my lack of geographical knowledge kicked in again. What is Hampton Roads? Is it more that one road named Hampton, somewhere in south-east Virginia? So I toddled over to Wikipedia (home of the great encyclopedia) and found out that it is the name of a body of water in Virginia and the surrounding metro region. So there you go.
Anyway, this private facebook group boasts 54 Aussies, who are posing in front of a Four’N Twenty pies van. So they have to know how to party. I like them already.

2. Australians in West Virginia USA

Hold onto your horses kids, because West Virginia has its own version of the above group, with pretty much the same description. Actually, it has exactly the same description. The only real difference seems to be a lack of Aussies in West Virginia. There’s 14 members in this group.

I guess it would have helped if I searched Washington as well. Then I would have found this association first go! This website looks like it’s updated fairly regularly and works to coordinate social events and Aussie celebrations.

It also has a mailing list that you can join for all the news. Most of the members live in the tri-state area (which sounds like some kind of Bermuda Triangle but is actually just Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.


Strap yourselves in, I get the feeling this one is going to be a loooooong list.

1. Australians in NYC

With a cool 7,905 members, this closed facebook group takes the grand prize. It’s the biggest one that I’ve found so far, so you can expect it to be a little rowdy.

A network of Aussies in NYC, living here or just passing through. This is a place where we can connect with each other about happenings in NYC, share recommendations on where to go, and any advice on the Big Apple.

2. Australians in NY – NY USA

If you prefer something a little less crowded, and perhaps a bit more sedate, I present you the Australians in NY – NY USA private facey group. Open to all Aussie and Kiwi expats who currently live in the state or who trooped through at some stage in their lives.

This group is also open to the spouses and kids of Aussies and Kiwi’s in NY. It also has its own twitter account: @AussiesInNY.

Poor Kiwi’s. They don’t even rate a mention in the group name.

3. Australian Women in New York Network

This charitable organisation was established 17 years ago and provides networking opportunities for women working in New York. You can take up an individual membership to join the group but non-members are also able to attend social events.
I’ve linked to the website above, but the AWNY also have a pretty cool Instagram account (which I’ve been following for a while) @AUWomenNYC and facebook group.

4. Aussie Mums and Dads in New York

An offshoot of Australian Women in New York (see above), this group specifically welcomes those with their own little sprogs to band together. This closed group includes 460-odd members and is the place to post play date requests, events and the usual questions about schools, daycare and the like.

5. The Australian Community of New York

Similar to the “Women in New York Network”, we have the Australian Community of NY, which connects fellow Australians through social, professional and charitable activities. To be completely honest, I find the website a little difficult to navigate, but they seem pretty active and have some great articles on there. Here’s their twitter account: @AUCommunity.

6. Aussie Meetup for Australians in New York

Do you prefer the “in person” style of catching up over the interwebs? Then this is the group for you! Run over Meet Up, this community is 1,480 strong and while it is a forum, you can also choose to catch up with these excellent expats for a beer or at one of their events.


Natalie hit me with a challenge. She pretty much said that there wouldn’t be anyone in Minnesota. I like it when someone throws down the gauntlet. So, Natalie, I give you:

1. The Australian New Zealand American Association of Minnesota

Boom! Challenge accepted!

These guys are OLD. By that I mean they’ve been around a while. Since 1977 in fact. You’ll have to share the group with Kiwi’s but I’m sure you’ll be fine with that. Plus you’re going to be disappointed to find out that you’ve just missed out on their Melbourne Cup shindig!

They celebrate Australia Day and Waitangi Day and schedule a few social events throughout the year. They’re 77-members strong and waiting for you to join up!

What did I miss? Want me to add a state or city? Hit me up in the comments!

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