Now that you’ve decided to look for a US job the more difficult part begins. Sure you know what the most popular job posting websites are in your own country, but how do you find the good ones in the US?

It can depend on the field you’re trying to crack as to where’s best to look, but I’ve put together a short list of the most popular job posting websites used in the US and some other advice on where to look for US jobs.



Like a lot of US job search websites, Indeed allows you to create an account and upload your resume to make it easier to apply for some jobs. You can also save job posts to come back to later, and lets you opt in or out of receiving a daily email with jobs that match the criteria of your previous searches.

It also saves all the jobs you’ve applied for in one spot, making it easy to remember what you’ve applied for where. Indeed really has a no-frills design layout, which can be great although it does mean that you can sometimes lose your place in a long list of US jobs on offer.


LinkedIn runs a little differently than your run-of-the-mill job search website. Once you’ve set up your profile, listed your previous employment experience and included your skills, LinkedIn takes over.

It will trawl job postings on its platform and match them to your skills and experience before suggesting them to you in the “Jobs” tab. Of course you can use that tab to search for different kinds of positions. It will also suggests jobs based on postings you’ve viewed previously.

Career Builder

When you sign up to Career Builder, you can opt into receiving emails with US job recommendations based on your searches and alerts when your resume and applications are viewed. A handy touch.

Your profile saves any resumes, cover letters and any jobs you’ve applied for previously. It also allows you to work out the salary you should be aiming for with its Career Path beta. Simply plug in the job title and city you’ll be working in and it’ll give you a salary range to expect. It’s very useful considering you won’t be familiar with salaries in the US to begin with.

A fairly comprehensive website that is similar in design to Indeed, that does everything it says on the box. However, it’s also got an “Education Center” that will search schools according to your interest.

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The Rest

There are heaps of website that you can use though, so I’ll list them here for you to check out:

  • TheLadders: For upper-level executives and management.
  • Glassdoor: Also includes reviews of companies by current/former employees.
  • Monster
  • SimplyHired
  • US.Jobs
  • LinkUp


Those are just the tip of the iceberg of course, but they are the popular choices. Then there are the dedicated expat job website that specialise in finding you a job abroad. Some of them focus mostly on English teaching but there are some other options .

Aussie Recruit

Aussie Recruit is run out of San Francisco by Australian expat Amy Meyer. Amy connects Australians with new opportunities, specialising in E-3 visa friendly companies. The best bit is that her service doesn’t cost the recruits anything.

Aside from connecting Aussies with jobs in the US, Aussie Recruit also runs virtual events for people to meet potential employers. If you’re thinking of heading home to Australia, Aussie Recruit has connections there as well, and can help you find your next job there.


You’ll search by country and career category to narrow down the field. You can’t search for specific job titles on this website but it’s good to get an idea of what’s out there for foreigners.

It’s a good place to start if you’re not looking for traditional work as well. They include categories such as: study, intern, volunteer, high school, degree, adventure travel, language schools and teach.


CoolWorks is all about seasonal and outdoor work across the US. It’s a little bit more geared to trades such as gardening and maintenance. The companies aren’t necessarily expat-friendly but they’re advertising work that backpackers and seasonal travellers tend to apply for. So it’s worth the effort to land a US job and get some experience.


Like CoolWorks, WorkingTraveller is great for backpackers or those who only want to be in one place for a shorter time before moving on. Aimed at travellers, adventurers and explorers, Working Traveller allows you to search by country, continent, the amount of time you want to work for, and your skills.

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