It’s the most pumpkin spice time of the year. I’m not a coffee drinker so before moving to the great US of A, I don’t think I’d heard of pumpkin spice before.

That all changed two months into my expat experience when October rolled around. Pumpkin spice was everywhere. In lattes, cakes, pies (obviously), on billboards, in air fresheners, haircuts (I kid you not) and a million other things.

I’ve never witnessed anything like the pumpkin spice juggernaut that exists here. in 2015 Pumpkin spice flavoured coffee made $32.7 million US dollars and was the third best-selling pumpkin product that year.

And so, finally, here is my list of the strangest pumpkin spiced goods and services that I’ve seen around the traps.

P.S. I’ve made pumpkin spice biscuits with pumpkin butter and pumpkin spice bread since moving here. They were both delicious.


Try to stop gagging and read on. A New Jersey Pizzeria created this monstrosity in September and waited for the sales to roll in.

Their concoction made the news. I can’t say that slowly enough. It. Made. The. News. And then late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel weighed in.

And I agree with him all the way. Pineapple on pizza is bad enough, but pumpkin spice is not good on pizza.


I know I mentioned this in the intro but it bears repeating here. To be honest I don’t know why they call it pumpkin spice (actually I do), it doesn’t smell or taste like pumpkin. It just smells like spice.

Pumpkin Spice Deodorant

So, if you want your house wafting the delicious aroma of nutmeg, cinnamon and a handful of spices that make you want to eat pastries all of the time, this is your product.


I haven’t been brave enough to try these, especially since I have made it widely known that US chocolate is not great.

I do wonder if the addition of pumpkin spice would distract from the flavour of the chocolate? It might be an excellent addition in this case.


Isn’t the point of vodka (the good ones at least) that they are colour and flavourless? So why ruin a good thing by adding pumpkin spice to it?

Pumpkin Spice Vodka

My other question is, what would you mix that vodka with if you’re not keen on drinking it neat? Coconut milk? That is literally all I can think of. I am not a mixologist by anyone’s description.


For those who can’t wait for the holiday season to begin, why not kick it off a little early with the taste of autumn? Sorry, fall.

Pumpkin Spiced egg nog is perfect for anyone who needs a “good” excuse to get on the seasonal turps way before the relatives arrive for Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Now they’re just being silly. Pumpkin spice hummus? To go with your vegetarian mixed plate? Which is my favourite Lebanese meal, in case you were wondering.

Pumpkin spice hummus

It might pair well with baba ganoush I suppose.


If tasting the pumpkin spice isn’t enough for you, it’s time to go one step further. By smelling like a pumpkin pie and a latte rolled together in autumnal goodness.

Pumpkin Spice deodorant

Native Deodorant’s Pumpkin Spice Latte-scented deodorant is supposed to hold the BO at bay all day. While making you crave all things sweet. You’ll be glad to know that it’s non-toxic and free of aluminum though!


There are so many pumpkin spice products that to list all the crazy ones would take too many words and your brains would be fried.

So here are a few more pumpkin spicey products in listicle style:

  • Pringles (chips)
  • Protein powder (and drinks)
  • Pumpkin spice “chips” sort of like chocolate chips
  • Oreos
  • Sweet burrito
  • Dog treats

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