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Couples travel can be a little trickier than you’d imagine. It all depends on your travel personalities, what you want to get out of a holiday or vacation and how patient you are.

So when The Annoyed Thyroid put up this Couples Travel Quiz Tag, I loved reading it so much that I decided to try it out with Mr M. As you’re going to see, we have VERY different outlooks on travel. So he has to make the sacrifice of getting out and about a little more than he’s used to, and I need to tone things down a bit.

Try this out with your partner – it’ll give you a few insights on what you both enjoy doing and allow you to tailor your holidays accordingly.

The quiz was put together by Sarah from Endless Distances

Round One: About Kat

1.Where are you most likely to find Kat in a new city she travels to?

    Mr M’s answer: A History museum or art museum or park.

    Kat’s answer: On a cycle tour or in a museum.

Getting the Ferry past the Statue of Liberty

2. What is Kat’s traveling downfall?

    Mr M’s answer: Over ambitious about time. Wants to do everything with not enough time to do it all.

    Kat’s answer: I plan way too much in too short a time.

3. What is Kat’s traveling personality?

    Mr M’s answer: Friendly, and optimistic. Anxious to start exploring everything.

    Kat’s answer: See everything. Leave the hotel early and don’t come back till well after dark.

4. Why does Kat like to travel?

     Mr M’s answer: She wants to see everything there is to see, and be everywhere there is to be. Wants to see the world and experience it firsthand.

    Kat’s answer: Because it’s exciting and it can turn into an adventure so quickly.

Hurtling down the Scenic Railway at the Blue Mountains

5. What is most fun about traveling with Kat?

    Mr M’s answer: She takes me out of my comfort zone and gets me to places I wouldn’t normally end up.

    Kat’s answer: This one’s tough. I’m not sure it is fun to travel with me. In fact, I think it can be tiring and slightly annoying at times.

Round Two: About Mr M

1. What is the place Mr M least wants to travel to?

    Kat’s answer: Iran

    Mr M’s answer: Egypt

At Hogsmead in Universal Studios

2. What is Mr M’s favourite part about a new country?

    Kat’s answer: The photography opportunities.

    Mr M’s answer: Architecture

3. What is Mr M’s annoying habit at the dinner table while traveling?

    Kat’s answer: He doesn’t have any! He doesn’t check his phone, he doesn’t have bad table manners, he’s the perfect southern gentleman.

    Mr M’s answer: Quick eating

Mr M has no bad eating habits

4. What does Mr M dislike about traveling?

    Kat’s answer: Being out in crowds a lot.

    Mr M’s answer: People

5. What is Mr M’s travel superpower?

    Kat’s answer: Reading a map and navigating public transport. He’s totally gun at both those things.

    Mr M’s answer: Spatial awareness