About Me

Hi, I’m Katherine, an Australian expat living in San Francisco with my native other half, Michael (mostly referred to here as Mr M). Travel is my passion and after more than a decade spent as a journalist in Sydney and London, I decided to share my expat experiences with Bright Lights of America.

Each move I’ve made were solo jaunts either across the world, to London and San Francisco, or to the other side of Australia, to work in Perth. I met the love of my life, Michael, in San Francisco in 2015 and haven’t looked back.

I initially entered journalism to tell stories, and to give people enough information to help them navigate tricky or overwhelming life situations. So naturally, I began writing Bright Lights of America to tell my (sometimes funny) story of life in the US, interspersed with tips on moving to and living in America.

The bonus is that I get to travel a beautiful part of the world, and a California road trip is never far from my thoughts. It just means that I’m rounding up the best holiday and long weekend destinations and delivering them straight to you.

content policy

All writing and images are copyright Katherine Fenech, unless otherwise credited. I may take up sponsorship opportunities at times, but these posts will be clearly identified. Regardless of sponsorship, all opinions are my own and are not ‘bought’.

Although the vast majority of images on Bright Lights of America are my own, at times stock images are employed to fully illustrate a place or concept that I could not with my own equipment. These photos are used under Creative Commons, paid for, or credited where necessary.