If you’re looking for Australian TV shows to watch in the US you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be updating this post as regularly as possible, including the Australian TV shows that have been picked up by US streaming services and cable channels.

Because sometimes it’s nice to hear your own accent echoed back at you, and some of these shows really are worth watching. Now, you might just notice that I hold a healthy disdain for reality television. At least a certain type of reality TV shows. I’m sorry if my feelings shine through in this post.

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I was going to break the list up into genre, but that could get sticky, because some dramas are funny, and some comedies are also documentary-like (think Agony Aunts).

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Instead we’ll just run through the shows in alphabetical order.

*NEW* Acute Misfortune – Amazon

This 2020 release is a film adaptation of Erik Jensen’s biography of artist Adam Cullen. Cullen, who won the Archibald Prize for his portrait of actor David Wenham, convinced Jensen to write his biography by referencing a fake publishing contract. Their relationship spirals into abusiveness – Cullen shot Jensen and pushed him from a speeding motorbike over their time together. It’s available to buy for $9.99 or you can rent the movie for $4.99.

Agony Aunts – Amazon

You can buy the first season of Agony Aunts for $9.99 and I highly recommend the investment in Adam Zwar’s Q&A style show that asks some of Australia’s wisest and funniest women their thoughts on the important things in life. From dating, to marriage, divorce, and everything in between. It features the likes of Judith Lucy, Wendy Harmer, Julia Zemiro, Angela Catterns, Hannah Gadsby and Myf Warhurst.

All Saints – Hulu

Prepare for a trip to the late 90s with Aussie medical drama All Saints. I used to watch this with my mum on Tuesday nights while I was in high school. That’s how old it is. Anyway, Hulu has all 12 seasons of the show that focuses on the nursing staff in Ward 17 of All Saints Western General Hospital, and stars Georgie Parker.

ANZAC Girls – Amazon

Amazon offers the six part series for $14.99. It is a dramatisation of the stories of Australian and New Zealander nurses serving at Gallipoli and across the Western Front during World War I.

At Home With Julia – Amazon

The ABC sitcom that imagines the life of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard across four episodes. It was roundly deounced by the Labor Party and its MPs, so you know it’s got to be good. You will be shelling out $1.99 per episode though.

*NEW* Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun – Netflix

Made for Netflix, and released in November 2020, the sketch comedy trio Aunty Donna have unleashed a series based on what they do best – absurd sketches, songs, and characters.

The six-episode series features Melbournians Mark Bonanno, Broden Kelly, and Zachary Ruane, who rose to fame off the back of YouTube sketches.

Aussie Gold Hunters – Netflix

Aussie Gold Hunters
Keep up with these prospectors as they search Western Australia for gold. Picture: Netflix.

This is a reality show that follows three teams of gold prospectors chasing the dream of striking it rich in the gold fields of Western Australia. Come for the scenes of outback life, stay to find out who makes the most money, who doesn’t find much gold at all, and who’s prospecting claim is robbed while they’re off searching other spots.

Australian Druglords – Amazon Prime

Free to your TV, this documentary covers the country’s biggest ever Class A drug busts and includes dealers such as Richard Buttrose, Shane Hatfield and Charlotte Lindstrom.

Australian Families of Crime – Amazon Prime

Along the same vein is Australian Families of Crime, which include the stories of Melbourne underworld killer Carl Williams, backpacker murderer Ivan Milat, and King of the Cross Abe Saffron.

Australia’s Next Top Model – Hulu

If you’re in the market for some mindless reality TV with the added bonus of learning to ‘find the light’ and your best angle for selfies, this is your best bet. There are seven seasons of the reality show were teens and young adults fight for a modelling contract.

Back with the Ex – Netflix

In a series of emotional reunions, four singles reconnect with their exes and attempt to reignite their romantic pasts. The couples include former high school sweethearts who broke up after she was caught cheating and an on-and-off relationship that ended after six years when he called it quits via text message.

The Beautiful Lie – Hulu

Here’s a drama about love, family, fidelity, seduction, jealous, and obligation. I haven’t watched it, and to me it sounds like a soapie. But sometimes you’re in the mood for that kind of trash. Don’t get too invested though, there are only six episodes.

Beauty and the Geek Australia – Amazon Prime

Teams consisting of a “beauty” and a “geek” compete against each other in various challenges, and the most successful couple win a cash prize.

I’m not a fan of this show, personally. It makes me cringe so much.

Bed of Roses – Amazon (Acorn TV)

The story of a woman who’s once wealthy husband dies in the arms of another woman, leaving her penniless. She is forced to move back to her hometown to live with her mother.

*NEW* Bloom – Hulu

A mysterious plant appears in a country town that allows the residents to restore themselves to their youth.

Bondi Vet – Amazon

Bondi Vet promotional image
Bondi Vet Chris Brown. Picture: Animal Planet.

Watching Dr Chris Brown patch up animals at the Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital will set you back $19.99 per season, and there are only a few on offer.

Building Australia – Amazon Prime

Find out how some of the country’s most iconic houses were put together. It seems like a great show for architecture lovers, and it’s hosted by the late John Doyle.

Bondi Rescue – Netflix

I got tired of watching backpackers getting fished out of the waves at Bondi Beach pretty quickly, but if you’re still into it, you can watch the Bondi Surf Lifesaving team do their thing in seasons 7 & 8.

Cheapest Weddings – Netflix

Follows couples who are bucking the trend of spending thousands of dollars on a lavish wedding day. These Aussies are being as frugal as possible for their wedding days, but still striving for their dream event.

*NEW* Chef’s Table BBQ – Netflix

Not strictly an Australian show but episode two follows Sydney chef Lennox Hastie and features his innovative cooking methods at his critically acclaimed restaurant Firedoor.

City Homicide – Hulu

We love a good crime drama in Australia, so it only stands to reason that City Homicide is available through Hulu. The show features Shane Bourne as part of a team of homicide cops investigating and solving murder mysteries.

Cleverman – Amazon

Australian TV show Cleverman
Waruu (Rob Collins), left, and Maliyan (Adam Briggs) butt heads in the first episode of Cleverman. Picture: Sundance TV

Cleverman was picked up by the ABC and is a drama that mixes Aboriginal mythology with a futuristic world where a race of super strong humanoid creatures are exploited. Enter the Cleverman, a chosen one, who can bring peace between the humans and the humanoids. The cast includes Australian indigenous rapper Adam Briggs.

Cloudstreet – Amazon (Acorn TV)

An adaptation of the Tim Winton novel of the same name, Cloudstreet is set near Perth between 1943 and 1963, and follows two families struggling to stay afloat. I adored the book in high school, but haven’t seen the mini series. Maybe start with the novel first if you’re looking for something to read.

Correlli – Amazon

This 1995 drama takes you into Blackstream jail with prison psychologist Louisa Correlli (Deborra-Lee Furness). It also features Furness’ husband Hugh Jackman.

Crime Investigation Australia – Amazon Prime

Our very own Unsolved Mysteries, except for the most part, I think these are solved. Watch the true stories behind Australian crime through re-enactments, witness, family and detective testimony.

Cyclone Tracy – Amazon Prime

We’ve all at least heard of the devastating cyclone that flattened Darwin on Christmas Day 1974. But do you know the story of the extreme weather event that killed 100, left 20,000 homeless and destroyed 80 per cent of the city’s buildings?

Dance Academy – Netflix

Dance Academy TV show
Keep your teens occupied with Dance Academy. Picture; Studio Canale

Great for tweens and early teens, this show follows 15-year-old Tara Webster who moves from Country Australia to take a spot at the National Academy of Dance.

Dead Lucky – Amazon Prime

Police officer Grace Gibbs grows obsessed with catching the person who murdered her junior officer; Grace is joined by new trainee Charlie Fung, who is distraught over the death of his best friend.

Devil’s Dust – Amazon Prime

The corporate scandal that exposed multi-national company James Hardie ignoring the warnings and dangers that asbestos posed to its workers. This show winds back through the scandal and tells of how the fibre lead to the deaths of thousands.

A Difficult Woman – Amazon Prime

A brilliant pathologist risks her life and career to solve the murder of a childhood friend.

Dinosaurs in the Outback – Amazon Prime

For all the little dinosaur-lovers and documentary-enthusiasts comes Dinosaurs in the Outback. It hunts down the scientific evidence of hoards of dinosaurs roaming what was Australia using live action and 3D animation.

The Divorce – Amazon Prime

Billed as a comedy, The Divorce is a mini-series of four episodes that take in the life of a wealthy couple who throw a glamorous party to celebrate their divorce

The Doctor Blake Mysteries – Amazon

Craig McLachlan stars as Doctor Blake in the ABC drama. Picture: ABC

The five season drama/mystery series follows Doctor Blake (Craig McLachlan) who returns to country Australia to run his father’s medical practice after spending decades in Scotland, fighting in World War II and living in China. So of course he’s the perfect candidate to solve murders in the rural town.

Double the Fist – Amazon

A comedy in the broadest sense of the term, the Fist team band together to save the planet from an endless parade of arch villains and the like.

Dumb, Drunk, and Racist – Amazon

Dumb, Drunk and Racist TV show
Can Joe Hildebrand convince four Indians that Aussies aren’t just a bunch of yobbos? Picture: Amazon

Australian journalist Joe Hildebrand takes four Indians on a road trip around Australia, to see if the stereotype of the Land Down Under being full of dumb, drunk and racist people, is true.The six part series examines our worst stereotypes.

Eagle and Evans – Amazon

This comedy is a little meta, so stick with me. Craig Eagle and Dailan Evans work as the warm up guys for a fictional Aussie variety show called The Blaze da Silva Experience. They basically spend  the show getting the audience excited for the main event and then in the green room trying to put off other performers.

East West 101 – Amazon Prime

There’s only one season and six episodes of the 2008 police drama available on Amazon. It centres on a brilliant Muslim detective who is forced to continually prove himself and his abilities in a post-9/11 world.

The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting – Netflix

Is a sketch comedy show that I’ve watched a few episodes of but couldn’t quite get into. As with all sketch comedies, it’s hit or miss, but don’t let my sense of humour put you off giving it a red hot go.

Extreme Engagement – Netflix

An engaged couple travel around the world for a year, exploring marriage customs in diverse cultures; the journey may bring them closer or tear them apart.

Family Rules – Amazon Prime

Family Rules TV show cast
Yes, they really are all family. Mum Daniella with her nine daughters. Picture: Screen Australia

Nine Aboriginal sisters try to stay true to their mother’s values in this six-part documentary series set in their home of Perth, Western Australia. Having that many daughters has to introduce some challenges.

Farscape – Amazon

This science fiction TV show was an Australian-American collaboration and became a bit of a cult “classic”. The inverted commas are because I’m not a fan. The show runs for four seasons, despite originally being planned for five. It follows American astronaut John Crichton, finds himself on the other side of the universe when his space mission goes wrong. Crichton then spends four seasons trying to get back to earth, with a gang of space criminals.

Food Safari – Amazon Prime

I used to watch this show on SBS back in the olden days of 2007, so I can warn you that it’ll make your mouth water. Host Maeve O’Meara undertakes a tour of Australia, visiting everyone from three-hatted chefs to passionate home cooks to find the taste of the country.

Glitch – Netflix

A police office and a doctor face an emotionally charged mystery when seven local residents return from the dead, as if they never died in the first place.

The Gods of Wheat Street – Netflix

The Gods of Wheat Street promotional image
The cast of The Gods of Wheat Street, telling the story of an Aboriginal family’s life in rural Australia. Picture: Simon Cardwell/PR image.

The head of a family struggles to keep his clan together, despite generational differences, politics and employment problems. Written by Australian actor, theatre director and manager, Jon Bell, The Gods of Wheat Street, draws on Bell’s own experience of growing up in Casino.

Green Way Up – Netflix

Four ecologically-minded 20 somethings try to travel the thousands of kilometers from Tasmania to Darwin, fueled solely by biodiesel.

Grand Designs Australia – Netflix

I adore the British version of this show, so why not watch the Aussie version too? The documentary series follows couples and families as they embark on building their dream homes. But they’re not just your run of the mill three bed, two baths places. These homes usually have a vision behind them, and the build journey is always pretty cool.

H20: Just Add Water – Netflix

Another show made for tweens and early teens. Three teenagers are stranded on an island when they go for a swim in a ‘mystical’ pool during a full moon, turning them into mermaids with magic powers.

Hannah Gadsby’s Douglas – Netflix

Hannah’s latest show is named after her dog, and something else (which you’ll find out if you watch. It is described as “a tour from the dog park to the renaissance and back guided by one of comedy’s most sparkling and surprising minds”.

Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette – Netflix

Hannah Gadsby
Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby stunned the comedy world with Nanette. Picture: Netflix.

This is the critically acclaimed show that shot Tasmanian comedian Hannah Gadsby into the spotlight. Warning, this isn’t “just” comedy. Hannah masterfully brings you into her life with squeals of laughter, before showing you a violent, unforgiving society and the damage it can do.

Hardliners – Netflix

This documentary series follows longline fishermen who risk their lives in the treacherous waters off the east coast of Australia to catch big tuna and swordfish.

Haunting Australia – Amazon Prime

Six ghost hunters from all over the world converge on Australia to investigate paranormal activity in what are supposedly the country’s most haunted locations. All eight episodes are free on Amazon.

*NEW* Home and Away – Amazon Prime

Missing your fix of the extremely long running Australian soapie, Home and Away? Well you can catch up with Alf, Elsa, and the rest of the gang on Amazon Prime now! Enjoy all the “Flamin’ Galahs” you can handle with season one and two of the show available now.

Instant Hotel – Netflix

Instant Hotel Promotional Image
Be ready for backstabbing and vitriol from the Instant Hotel contestants. Picture: Netflix.

This reality TV show follows five teams that run their own Airbnb-style hotels as they stay in each other’s holiday oases. Much like Come Dine With Me, each team gives the others scores on their Instant Hotels, and a winner is declared at the end of each five episode blocks. It gets bitchy, but there are also some great Australianisms and you can almost bathe in the Aussie strine.

I Own Australia’s Best Home – Netflix

A reality type series where two designers and an architect stay in Australian homes, and the public cast their votes on their favourites. The best from each episode are then pitted against each other to find the country’s ‘best’ house.

Ja’mie: Private School Girl – Amazon HBO

Ja'mie Private School Girl on HBO
Picture: HBO

Want to relive your high school days with as much narcissism involved as possible? Step into Ja’mie King’s world – the queen bee of Summer Heights High. Created by and starring Chris Lilley.

Jack Irish – Amazon (Acorn TV)

Acclaimed Aussie actor Guy Pearce stars as Jack Irish, the brooding antihero from Peter Temple’s novels. Irish is a former criminal lawyer who turns to private investigation and debt collection as a new career path.

Janet King – Amazon (Acorn TV)

Created as a spin off from Crownies (see above), Prosecutor Janet King moves from the Department of Public Prosecutions, through to a Royal Commission, and later, a National Crime Commission.

Jessica – Amazon Prime

Sam Neill stars as the washed up lawyer who can’t stay away from the booze. He’s representing Jessica, who was sent to a mental asylum by her family under false pretenses.

John Safran’s Race Relations – Amazon

Safran is known as a controversial Melbourne documentary maker, in the vein of Louis Theroux. In this eight-part series, Safran explores inter racial relationships and whether they are sustainable.

Judith Lucy vs. Men – Amazon Prime

Judith Lucy
Picture: Amazon Prime.

Veteran stand-up comedian Judith Lucy’s latest show is prime Aussie content. Her work is absolute gold, as usual, but maybe prepare any Americans in the room for her sense of humour and the swears they are about to hear. My poor husband was not ready to experience the amount of “Straya” that was on this comedy special. But I had a bloody blast.

Keeping Up With The Joneses – Netflix

A reality TV series follows the Jones family in country Australia as they wrangle crocodiles and round up cattle with helicopters. Just normal, everyday things like that.

The Letdown – Netflix

The Letdown TV show Netflix
Picture: Netflix

A comedy, depending on your point of view, on the realities of (new) parenting. Audrey needs help with her newborn and joins a support group. It features Australian acting stalwart and Play School veteran Noni Hazelhurst.

The Librarians – Amazon

Written, produced and starred in by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope (who you may recognise as Australian comedy veterans), The Librarians follows a head librarian who is completely oblivious to the needs of her employees.

Lowdown – Amazon

Set in the world of celebrity journalism and narrated by Geoffery Rush, Lowdown is named for the celebrity column in a newspaper, written by Adam Zwar’s character, Alex Burchill.

Lunatics – Netflix

Sometimes controversial comedian Chris Lilley does what he does best in this mockumentary – playing the lead characters. They’re all misfits who can be described as out there and a little obscene.

Lyndey Milan’s Taste of Australia – Amazon Prime

Apparently Lyndey Milan is a much-loved TV personality but she’s either before my time or after it, because she doesn’t seem familiar to me. In this series, Milan uncovers the ‘backbone’ of Australia’s culinary culture.

Mako Mermaids – Netflix

A spin off to the H20 series (see above), which sees a boy who is accidentally turned into a Merman and puts the lives of three mermaids in danger. Another one for the tweens.

McLeod’s Daughters – Amazon Prime & Hulu

When Jack McLeod dies, his two daughters inherit his cattle ranch in outback Australia, called Drover’s Run. The drama follows the sisters as they run the ranch together with a housekeeper and her teenage daughter.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Netflix

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Australian TV show
Picture: Netflix

Did you know that this drama is responsible for making some Americans think that Aussies are a promiscuous Anyway, it’s set in 1930s Melbourne, where Ms Fisher, a ‘lady detective’ , shrugs off the idea that women shouldn’t be working in dangerous fields.

Mortified – Amazon Prime

Another one for the kids. Mortified is your basic story of a confused pre-teen trying to understand who she is and where she fits in the world.

Mr & Mrs Murder – Amazon (Acorn TV)

Starring one of my favourite Aussie actors/comedians, Shaun Micallef, Mr & Mrs Murder is about a coupe of crime scene cleaners who find solving cases just as easy as cleaning up after the crimes.

Mr Inbetween – Amazon

Need a criminal to do your bidding for a price? Call on Ray Shoesmith and he’s got your back.

Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries – Amazon (Acorn TV)

We do love our crime and mystery dramas in Australia judging by this list. This one is a spin off from and sees Miss Fisher’s niece Peregrine take no the mantle of lady detective in 1960s Melbourne.

Murder Calls – Amazon Prime

For true crime enthusiasts, Murder Calls explores Australia’s most shocking murder cases using phone calls from witnesses and victims, as well as interviews with the victims’ families and the police.

My Family Feast – Amazon Prime

Aussies also love cooking shows (but who doesn’t?). This one takes us into the homes of Australian immigrants to get a window into their cooking traditions.

Mystery Road – Amazon (Acorn TV)

Mystery Road
Picture: Acorn TV

When two boys go missing from a cattle station in outback Australia, the investigation leads to much more than just solving a mystery.

Navy Divers – Amazon (Tubi TV)

This documentary series follows the Royal Australian Navy opens up its training program for the Clearance Diver Branch, which is said to be the most intense training program in the Navy.

*NEW* Neighbours – Amazon (IMDb TV)

Relive your Ramsay Street memories from this Australian soapie with seasons 33 and 34 available on IMDb TV through Amazon. I feel like the only person from Australia who hasn’t watched this show.

*NEW* Newton’s Law – Amazon (Acorn TV)

When Josephine Newton’s (Claudia Karvan) law practice is burnt to the ground by a disgruntled client, she is forced to brief an incompetent barrister who is defending his case. The solicitor decides to return court as a barrister.

No Activity – Hulu

There are a lot of familiar faces in this 2015 comedy drama that’s based loosely on Australia’s biggest ever drug bust.

Northern Territory – Australia’s Outback – Amazon Prime

Take a trip to the Northern Territory from the comfort of your couch (less flies that way). This documentary takes you over the rivers, billabongs and wetlands of Kakadu National Park. It also explores paintings of Aboriginal artists.

Nowhere Boys – Amazon

Four teenage boys get lost in a forest during a school excursion and get caught in a lightening storm. When they return home the next day, they enter a world where they don’t actually exist anymore.

Offspring – Netflix

Offspring Australian TV show
Picture: Netflix.

The story of obstetrician Nina Proudman, her messy love life and her even messier family.

The Other Guy – Hulu

Remember Matt Okine the Triple J radio DJ? Then you also know he’s a stand up comic and now has his own . show. They say you should write what you know, and he’s written a comedy centred on himself as the main character, a radio DJ, who discovers his long-term girlfriend has been having an affair with his best friend. Well worth a watch.

The Outback – Amazon

A documentary that spans a year of life in the Kimberly region in North West Australia. It follows the animals and people of the rugged and remote area.

Outback Truckers – Netflix

Follow Australia’s truckies as they drive through deserts, battle fires, treacherous downpours, and make their way through chassis-deep mud to deliver their cargo.

Pacific Heat – Netflix

Created by Aussie comedy legends Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro, and Tom Gleisner, this animated comedy is about a group of Gold Coast undercover cops who investigate everything from petty theft to international drug cartels.

The Pacific – Amazon Prime

This 10 episode World War II miniseries is a dramatisation of the war as it happened in the Pacific region.

Packed to the Rafters – Hulu

Packed to the Rafters Australian TV show
Picture: Hulu.

An Australian family dramedy set in the Sydney (well-to-do) suburbs. It focuses on Dave and Julie Rafter and their three kids Rachel, Ben and Nathan.

*NEW* Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo – Amazon Prime

Remember Cleo magazine? This two-part miniseries follows the birth of the magazine and it’s creator, Ita Buttrose (played by Asher Keddie).

Picnic at Hanging Rock – Amazon Prime

We’ve all heard of the novel by Joan Lindsay about the mysterious disappearances of three schoolgirls and their governess in 1900. This six episode series, aired in 2018, looks into the far-reaching impact of the disappearances at the College and in the community.

Picnic at Hanging Rock – Amazon

You can also buy or rent the 1975 movie of the same name, which put director Peter Weir on the map as an acclaimed Australian director.

A Place to Call Home – Amazon (Acorn TV)

This Australian period drama features Noni Hazlehurst, and is set in rural NSW after the end of World War II. It centres on Sarah Adam, who returns home after 20 years abroad, only to clash with weathly matriarchElizabeth Bligh.

Please Like Me – Hulu

Please Like Me Australian TV series
Picture: Hulu

A coming-of-age drama/comedy written by Aussie comedian Josh Thomas and featuring fellow comedian Hannah Gadsby. It explores mental illness, coming out as gay, and life in suburban Australia for Millennials. I highly recommend it.

Poh’s Kitchen – Amazon

Australian Masterchef runner up Poh, joins with internationally-renowned chefs in her kitchen to create mouth-watering dishes that will have you craving the tastes of home.

The Principal – Amazon Prime

This four-part drama series focuses on Matt Bashir (Alex Dimitriades) who is promoted to principal at Boxdale Boys High in south west Sydney. The school has a history of conflict and Bashir has the job of turning it around.

Rain Shadow – Amazon (Acorn TV)

The story of two veterinarians struggling to save their drought-ridden Australian farming town. It’s unsentimental and stars Rachel Ward (of Thorn Birds fame).

Rake – Netflix or Amazon Prime

Rake Australian TV Show
Picture: ABC TV.

Criminal lawyer Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh) defends the criminally indefensible, from bigamists to cannibals and everything in between. This series is highly acclaimed in Australia and includes guest stars such as Cate Blanchette, Hugo Weaving, and Toni Collette.

Rescue Special Ops – Amazon Prime

Dean and Chase Gallagher are brothers with a competitive streak who argue over everything and agree on nothing. But as members of the elite Rescue Special Operations Unit, they work together to save lives.

*NEW* Rhys Nicholson: Live at the Athenaeum – Netflix

We all need a laugh after the absolute slog that has been 2020. Aussie comedian Rhys Nicholson recorded this live show for Netflix in November 2019, blissfully unaware of what was to come the following year. Staged in Melbourne’s beautiful Athenaeum Theatre, Nicholson warns against going anywhere near a minotaur whilst on ketamine, and talks through angry letters from viewers. I quite enjoy the fact that Netflix has classified the one hour special as a “dark comedy”. Australian stand-up comedians have gotten me through 2020, and this show doesn’t disappoint.

The River Kings – Amazon Prime

Filmed on South Australia’s Murray River, this television mini-series is set during the 1920s and tells the story of a runaway who escapes to the river to work on a paddleboat steamer.

Rostered On – Netflix

Finally, a mockumentary series on the joys (cough) of retail work. This is set at the fictional ElectroWorld and deals with all the infuriating and hilarious tribulations of retail work.

Round the Twist – Amazon Prime

“Have you ever, ever felt like this? Have strange things happened…” I know you started singing that as soon as you read that heading. Don’t try to deny it.

This stellar kid’s TV series ran in Australia in the 1990s, and was based on books written by Paul Jennings. It follows the adventures of a father and his two children who live in an old lighthouse.

Safe Harbour – Hulu

On a yacht holiday from Darwin to Indonesia, five Australians come across a broken-down fishing boat full of asylum seekers. The Australians decide to help by towing the boat, but when they wake up in the morning the boat is gone. What follows is a mystery of what happened.

Sando – Amazon (Acorn TV)

Sando Australian TV Show
Picture: Acorn TV.

Described as a ‘madcap’ Australian comedy in the vein of Arrested Development, this show follows Victoria Sandringham, the CEO of a furniture-store empire, who tries to win back her family and her business after a lifetime of being plain inappropriate.

Secret City – Netflix

A relentless muckracker pushes for truth and transparency in Australia’s corridors of political power putting her life and career under threat.

Secrets & Lies – Netflix

A psychological thriller, that follows everyday, family man Ben, who finds the body of a four-year-old boy and quickly becomes the main suspect in the murder.

The Secret Life of Us – Amazon Prime

Australian drama revolving around the lives of the residents of an apartment block in an urban suburb of Melbourne. It stars Deborah Mailman, Claudia Karvan, Samuel Johnson, and Joel Edgerton.

Send in the Dogs Australia – Amazon Prime

The Australian version of this international showcases the work of Australia’s largest State Police dog units as they track down criminals, explosives, drugs and weapons.

Sensing Murder – Amazon Prime

When traditional facts and evidence aren’t enough to solve a crime, the”Sensing Murder”team steps in. It is actually an adaptation of a Danish paranormal crime series where professional clairvoyants use their powers to solve crimes.

Servant or Slave – Amazon Prime

Australia’s history is a dark one, especially after the invasion and colonisation by British settlers. This movie tells the story of thousands of Aboriginal girls who were part of the Stolen Generations, taken from their families and made to be servants by the Australian Government. It follows the lives of five women who were first domestic servants and then forced into slave labour.

Shame – Amazon Prime

Shame Australian Movie
Picture: Amazon.

Shame falls into the Australian movie category, and tells the story of a lawyer traveling through the Australian outback on holiday. She stops in a small Western Australian town when her motorbike breaks down, and ends up helping the mechanic’s daughter who was raped y the son of the wealthiest man in town.

Sisters – Netflix

When a fertility doctor admits to impregnating his patients with his own sperm, his daughter goes on a mission to find her siblings and eventually finds 100 brothers and 2 sisters.

Sisters of War – Amazon Prime

A group of Australian nurses and Catholic nuns on a Pacific island, become Japanese prisoner’s of war during World War II. This series is based on a true story.

The Slap – Amazon

Based on a book by Christos Tsiolkas, The Slap centres on a 40th birthday party that gets heated when a child is slapped and his parents take legal action.

SLiDE – Amazon

Five Brisbane teenagers making their way into adulthood, along with all the firsts that come with it.

Snake Boss – Amazon Prime

When you’re a pastry chef, and puppeteer, where else can you go with your skills? Apparently, snake catching is the next step in Brisbane. Julia Baker is one of only a handful female snake catchers. She and her partner, Johnny Bagpipes (yeah, that’s legit) try to get people to understand snakes instead of being scared of them.

Snowy River: The McGregor Saga – Amazon Prime

The Man from Snowy River Hugh Jackman
Picture: Amazon.

Based on Banjo Paterson’s poem ‘Man From Snowy River’, and set in Paterson’s Ridge in the mountains near Melbourne during the late 19th Century. The series tells the story of one of the richest and most influential men in town. Stars Hugh Jackman and Guy Pearce.

Spirited – Amazon Prime

Dentist Suzy, Claudia Karvan, meets the ghost of an 80s English rock star named Henry Mallet. And weirdness ensues.

Sporting Nation – Amazon Prime

A documentary on Australia’s love of sport. John Clarke explores Australia’s obsession with sport over three episodes, and why we take it so seriously.

*NEW* Stateless – Netflix

This limited series (there are six episodes available) was co-created and stars Cate Blanchett, along with Dominic West and Yvonne Strahovski. The politically-charged show is set at an immigration detention center in the Australian desert, where an Afghan refugee is fleeing persecution, an airline hostess has escaped a cult, a government official is laying low after a scandal, and a father is stuck in a job he doesn’t like.

The Story of Australia – Amazon Prime

This six-episode series tells the story of Australia, showing why the country is so unique, distilling the farming culture, the country’s mining history, the importance of international students who come to be educated, and our cities.

The Straits – Amazon Prime

This isn’t your tale of an average Aussie family. The Montebello family are more into drug smuggling into Australia, and getting guns and exotic wildlife out of the country.

The Strange Calls – Hulu

An Australian comedy television series where a police officer is transferred to a small country town, and calls for help to the station get stranger every night.

The Suspects: True Australian Thrillers – Amazon Prime

The Suspects: True Australian Thrillers
Picture; Channel 7.

The true crimes that made some of Australia’s most intriguing offenders famous.

*NEW* Sweet Country – Amazon Prime

An Australian “Western”, set in the Northern Territory in the 1920s. An Aboriginal farmhand shoots a white man in self defense and goes on the run.

Tales by Light – Netflix

Photographers and filmmakers travel the world to bring greater awareness to children in need. In their travels, they visit outback Australia and Aboriginal tribes.

Tidelands – Netflix

After an ex-con returns to her fishing village, a dead body leads her to uncover the secrets of the town and its half-siren, half-human residents.

*NEW* The Time of our Lives – Amazon Prime

A drama series set in Melbourne that follows the lives of an extended family and stars Justine Clarke, William McInnes and Shane Jacobson.

Towies – Netflix

Watch Australia’s toughest tow truck operators work to keep Queensland’s streets clear of overturned semi trailers and other automotive disasters.

Tricky Business – Amazon Prime

A drama about a family that runs a debt collection business and the lengths that people will go to, to get themselves out of trouble.

Twentysomething – Amazon

Another coming-of-age drama about Jess and Josh, who are best friends and housemates. They live for the weekend while the rest of their friends are finishing uni degrees or climbing the corporate ladder.

Under Capricorn – Amazon (Acorn TV)

A period drama about a young Irishman who arrives in New South Wales back in 1831, eager to make his fortunes.

Underbelly – Amazon Prime

Underbelly Australian TV series
Picture: Amazon.

There are a myriad of series in the Underbelly franchise, many of which are available on Amazon Prime or Acorn TV. They dramatise true stories of Australian criminal gangs over the years.

You can watch:

  • Underbelly Squizzy
  • Underbelly Badness
  • Underbelly NZ

Unplanned America – Amazon (Tubi TV)

A show about three Australians who ignore any semblance of an itinerary and find themselves in the most intimidating, weird, and wonderful societies that America has to offer.

Unveiled – Netflix

A reality TV show about the cosmetic procedures that brides-to-be undergo to feel their best before their wedding days.

Upper Middle Bogan / Bess of Both Worlds – Hulu

Known in Australia as Upper Middle Bogan, this show has been renamed for a US audience. You’ll find it on Hulu under Bess of both Worlds.

The story of two families living at opposite ends of a freeway, who are united when a woman learns she was adopted. I love this show – it’s got the mix of bogan and snootiness that is hilarious.

*NEW* Upright – Amazon

A pair of misfits, played by Australian comedian/musician Tim Minchin and actor Milly Alcock, are thrown together on a road trip to transport a piano. Then they get lost in the unforgiving Australian desert and have to band together to survive.

Wanted – Netflix

Strangers Lola and Chelsea become partners on the run when they witness a murder involving crooked cops, and a framed for the crime.

Wentworth – Netflix

A revival of the drama series Prisoner, which ran from 1979 to 1986 in Australia. This series is set in more modern times, and follows Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) who is awaiting trial charged with the alleged attempted murder of her husband.

A friend at work described the show to me as “the Australian version of Orange is the New Black“. But we all know that Orange is the New Black is the Australian version of Prisoner.

Wild Australia – Amazon Prime

This documentary captures the essence of the Australian wilderness and the fascinating creatures that live in it.

*NEW* Wild Boys – Amazon Prime

Set in 1860s Australia in a fictional town called Hopetoun, this period drama follows a gang of bushrangers and stars Daniel MacPherson.

Wilfred: The Complete Original Series  – Amazon Prime

Wilfred Australian TV Show
Picture: Amazon

Another series created by Adam Zwar, Wilfred is the story of a dog who appears as a man in a dog suit. There’s more, it’s funny and it was picked up by US TV and remade with Elijah Wood in the lead role.

Winter – Amazon (Acorn TV)

Oh look, it’s a crime drama! We haven’t had any of those! After years of solving series crimes, Detective Sergeant Eve Winter resigns herself to living the quieter life. But when a search for a missing girl in a small Australian town uncovers five dead bodies in a field, Eve is convinced to join the case.

Wolf Creek – Amazon

Not for the feint of heart, Wolf Creek stars John Jarratt as one of the scariest backpacker killers you pray you’ll never meet.

Wolf Creek 2 – Amazon Prime

In the same vein as the previous film, this one follows exchange student Paul as he visits the Wolf Cree Crater.

Zoë Coombs Marr: Bossy Bottom – Amazon Prime

Zoe Coombs Mar
Picture: Amazon.

Zoë Coombs Marr has dtched her alter-ego of the dodgy male comedian “Dave”, and promises an hour of no-nonsense stand-up, just jokes. But this show is far from ordinary.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts – Netflix

Renowned patissier Adriano Zumbo puts 12 cooks to the test in a series of intricate, delicious, dessert challenges each week.

Australian TV shows available in the US

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